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Each CZCA conference builds on the previous conferences to advance our understanding and awareness of Canada’s four coastal regimes: Atlantic, Arctic, Pacific and Great Lakes. Each conference has a particular focus on the regime in which it is held, but addresses themes of relevance to all of them. Each conference typically produces a conference statement or declaration summarizing discussions at the conference and articulating what conference participants have agreed are the most important messages to come out of the event. Those outputs are collected together below in one place, as a legacy of the Coastal Zone Canada Association conference series.

Past Conferences

Coastal Zone Canada 2016: Coastal Futures; Resilience through Collaboration was held in Toronto, Ontario from 12-16 June 2016.

Coastal Zone Canada 2014: Our Coasts - Legacies and Futures was held in Halifax, Nova Scotia from June 15-19, 2014.

Coastal Zone Canada 2012: Integrated Coastal and Ocean Management - Time for Action was held in Rimouski, Québec from June 9-14, 2012.

Coastal Zone Canada 2010: Healthy Oceans – Strong Coastal Communities was held in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island from July 25-29, 2010.

Coastal Zone Canada 2008: Managing our Oceans and Coasts for a Sustainable and Prosperous Future was held in Vancouver, British Columbia from May 23-29, 2008.

Coastal Zone Canada 2006: Arctic Change and Coastal Communities was held in Tuktoyaktuk, Northwest Territories from August 14-18, 2006.

Coastal Zone Canada 2004: All Within One Ocean - Co-operation in Sustainable Coastal and Ocean Management was held in St. John's, Newfoundland from June 27-30, 2004.

Coastal Zone Canada 2002: Managing Shared Waters - Towards Sustainable Transboundary Coastal Ecosystems was held in Hamilton, Ontario from June 23-28, 2002.

Coastal Zone Canada 2000: Coastal Stewardship - Lessons Learned and the Paths Ahead was held in Saint John, New Brunswick from September 17-22, 2000.

Coastal Zone Canada 1998: Coastal Challenges - Sharing Our Experiences - Building our Knowledge was held in Victoria, British Columbia from August 30 - September 3, 1998.

Coastal Zone Canada 1996: Coastal Zones - Integrated Management and Sustainable Development was held in Rimouski, Québec from August 11-17, 1996. `

Coastal Zone Canada 1994: Cooperation in the Coastal Zone was held in Halifax, Nova Scotia from September 20-23, 1994. `